A look at the fundraisers bolstering Hillary Clinton's campaign

Fundraisers have been giving donations of all sizes to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Contributions of $200 or less accounted for almost 40% of the $62 million donations overall for July. Much of the money has been given online from a grassroots level. Clinton has also been busy attending fundraising parties where tickets to get in can go for $10,000 to $50,000. Wade Randlett, founding Board Member of Bay Area Democrats, has hosted many of these parties and each time notices, "-she starts by saying that the economy is working for all of us in the room, but it’s not working for too many people and her job is to make it work for everybody.” Randlett welcomed Clinton back to the Bay Area as recently as this week to an event including Apple CEO Tim Cook. Although they are a fraction of the support, the big ticket donors gathering at these parties have provided a boost to the overall campaign's funds. Clinton's campaign budget has stayed ahead of Republican front runner Donald Trump as a result of a strong network of Democrats across the country who are ready to back her up.