Key Senate races to watch


Democratic Senator: Michael Bennet

• Michael Bennet has used his background in business and public service to champion issues that are most important to middle class families in Colorado.

• Bennet has been an effective leader on issues such as immigration, small business support and education.

• Republicans are scrambling for a candidate after four of their top-choice candidates passed on the race, meaning there will likely be a divisive primary that will yield a second or third tier candidate.

• Colorado has gone blue in each of the last two Presidential elections, and Bennet was one of the few Democrats to win in a tough statewide race during the incredibly difficult 2010 cycle.

• Bennet already has a top staff in place, and Democrats are confident that he will be reelected.

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Republican Senator: Rob Portman

Democratic Candidate: Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland

• Rob Portman has shown over the course of his career that he puts special interests over Ohioans.

• Democrats have a top-tier candidate in the race in former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, who has spent his entire life helping working folks across the state.

• Strickland is a vigorous campaigner who will take this Senate seat back for Democrats.

• Democrats have won two out of the last three Senate races in Ohio and won the last Presidential year Senate race by 6 points despite being wildly outspent on television.

• Portman faced underwater approvals – with just 30% of voters approving of the job he has done – in a March PPP poll, June PPP poll and a June Quinnipiac poll showed that Portman is “undefined” to voters, even after four years in the Senate.

•  In a June Quinnipiac poll, Portman trailed Strickland by six points.

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Departing Senator: Harry Reid

Democratic Candidate: Catherine Cortez Masto

•  Nevada has gone blue in the last two presidential elections, and Democrats won a Senate race in Nevada by 5 points in 2010 despite the tough election cycle.

• Democrats already have a strong candidate in the race in former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, who will continue Harry Reid’s legacy of fighting for Nevada in the Senate.

• Cortez Masto has a strong record and reputation that will power her campaign to victory and ensure the seat stays in Democratic hands.

• Democrats avoided the possibility of a primary when Congresswoman Titus announced she would seek re-election to her House seat.

• Republicans’ top-choice recruit Governor Brian Sandoval recently passed on the race after public and private begging by national Republicans. His decision to pass on the race will likely leave Republicans with a damaging and expensive primary that will yield a second-tier candidate.

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Republican Senator: Mark Kirk

Democratic Candidate: Rep. Tammy Duckworth

• Mark Kirk is one of the most vulnerable Republican Senators up for reelection this cycle, and his record of supporting the government shutdown and planning to end Medicare as we know it won’t help his already steep odds in a deep blue state in a presidential year.

• Kirk was swept in during the 2010 wave election, and now must face a much more Democratic-leaning electorate.

• Kirk continues to face week after week of bad headlines over his inflammatory and over-the-top rhetoric.

• Democrats have a long list of credible candidates, and already have a strong candidate in the race in Rep. Tammy Duckworth.

• Recent public polling has highlighted Kirk’s vulnerability in Illinois. In February, a PPP poll showed Kirk with just 34% of voters approving of the job he has done.

• In a move aimed at distracting Illinois voters from his rough start, Kirk underscored how vulnerable he is by launching his first TV ad more than a year out from the election.

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Republican Senator: Roy Blunt

Democratic Candidate: Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander

• Roy Blunt is a career politician who has lost sight of what matters to Missourians.

• Democrats won the last Presidential Senate race in Missouri by more than 15 points, and are poised to win again this cycle.

• Democrats have a strong candidate in the race in Secretary of State Jason Kander, who has dedicated his life to service and will make a great US Senator who always puts Missouri first.


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Republican Senator: Ron Johnson

Democratic Candidate: Russ Feingold

• Ron Johnson was elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010, and for the past four years have never wavered from the rigid, extremist ideology on which he campaigned.

• Johnson has faced week after week of bad headlines for his suggesting that student loans are “too easy to get,” for saying he would “sure love to” get rid of the Department of Education, and most recently, for failing to push back on claims that President Obama is a “Muslim terrorist” and claiming that he trusts the Ayatollah more than the President.

• Johnson faces tough odds in Wisconsin in a presidential year. Wisconsin went decisively blue in the last two Presidential elections, and elected Tammy Baldwin in 2012.

• Democrats have recruited a top-tier candidate in Russ Feingold. Feingold has a strong reputation of working to create opportunity for all, and he is the strongest candidate to win this race.

• In a March PPP poll, only 32% of voters approved of the job Johnson has done and in April, Johnson trailed Russ Feingold by 16 points in a Marquette University Law poll.

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